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Private BT Infinity Installation

Private BT Infinity Installation


I have BT Broadband and I live in a rural area of the UK - East Anglia and Suffolk to be more specific. I have a download speed of approximately 3Mbs when no devices are connected to my internet and then this drops massively when any device is connected. It isn't actually the download speed that is the problem for me, it's the horrendous bandwidth. I cannot use any device without having to wait for 9 years for a page to load. That is an exaggeration of course. I do however need a decent source of internet though for capabilities for my studies at school and what not. I'm studying IT and with the workload of other subjects an internet source is vital. YouTube cannot play a video without having to buffer, live videos is non-existent and downloads take around 3 days for a film. I really wish this can be upgraded. I have been with BT for over 2 years and have contacted them on numerous occasions to fix issues that I am having. BT Infinity is always hyped but of course it is not available in my area.


So onto my question, can or do BT allow private installations of BT Infinity for a decent source of Internet. I understand they do for BT Business but that is £300 a month and I don't think my family will be willing to pay this amount unless we wanted to go bankrupt. However, do BT allow a separate and personal installation of BT Infinity. Is there a way we can pay a lump sum for installation and then pay monthly afterwards? The exchange that I am connected to is literally less than a mile up the road. I do not see there being a problem here as I close to the exchange, I am willing to finance the installation and we pay a large amount already for a poor quality of internet.


Can BT Infinity be privately installed to my house?

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Re: Private BT Infinity Installation

Short answer... No.


It may be that you can get some other type of fibre connection.


If you use this checker it will tell what cabinet you are on and what services it can receive and what is available to you.

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Re: Private BT Infinity Installation

The standard Infinity is copper to the green roadside cabinet, then fibre from there back to the exchange.  If your local roadside cabinet hasn't been upgraded to fibre yet, there's no possibility of Infinity.


Depending on your area, Openreach may offer fibre to the premises (FTTP).  This won't be cheap as you will have to pay the cost of running a fibre all the way to your home.  But that will only be available if the local infrastructure permits.


Business-grade fibre is available in most areas, but you may need to take out a mortgage to pay for it.

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Re: Private BT Infinity Installation

@joshuawh wrote:

I have been with BT for over 2 years and have contacted them on numerous occasions to fix issues that I am having.

Can you post the stats from your Homehub ? I am in the same area, and maybe, just maybe, with the assistance of this forum, we may be able to improve your current connection. Smiley Wink


Please also post the details of the link supplied by gg30340........ 

If you found this post helpful, then please click the star on the left, after all, I'm only trying to help........Smiley Wink
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Re: Private BT Infinity Installation

Hi joshuawh,


Have you tried contacting the Better Broadband to Suffolk website to see when you are due to be upgraded ?


On December 21st 2012, Suffolk County Council signed a £40m contract with BT for superfast broadband. Around 9 out of 10 (i.e. 90% of) Suffolk properties will be able to access fibre-based broadband by the end of 2015. Over 80% of properties will have access to superfast coverage with speeds of 24Mbps or more.

Only 2% of the hardest-to-reach premises are expected to have speeds of less than 5Mbps.

The total contract value is £40m, with contribution from BT (£16m) and BDUK (£11.68m).


Best regards,
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