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Problem re-installing BT CLOUD - maybe related to IOS 9.0.1 upgrade

I had a problem with the BT CLoud App on my ipad air 3.  The display started behaving erractically showing the screen either off-set or smaller than full-screen.  You could still use the App for a while but then it locked.  I uninstalled the app, removed the Source Device, reinstalled the app and get the same problem which is:

I can download the app OK

When I try to log in it accepts my user ID and password.

It presents me with the pop up to name my devices and files to upload - I have to press this quickly to get past this point

On the 'Loading Content Screen' - it shows it briefly for about one second and then the app closes down and you cannot get past that point no matter how many times you try.

I have reninstalled the app a number of times but I get the same result - very frustrating

I can access the BT cloud on a number of other devices OK - Desktop, Android Phone, iphone.


I should add that I recently upgraded to IOS 9.0.1 but I cannot say for sure that the problems occurred immediately afterwards but certainly around the same time





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Re: Problem re-installing BT CLOUD - maybe related to IOS 9.0.1 upgrade

Seems to be working OK for me with an iPad Air on IOS 9.0.1

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