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Problem switching to BT and Infinity

I decided to move from Sky to BT to provide TV, Broadband and Telephony - the big day was two days ago. The service with Sky was terminated and the service from BT is, well to be generous, partial. They have managed to provide me with a working phone line (but then I already had one of those) but everything else is not working. I took the opportunity of asking for Infinity and this seems to be at the root of the problem.


After waiting most of the day for the router to display a blue light instead of a red one I finally got a message on myBT (late afternoon) to say there'd been a problem with my order. So I rang the 'Help Desk' and was told that they were still working on it and I should have it working by today. So today I still have the red flashing light so I rang the 'Help Desk' (more accurately HelpLESS Desk) and after being put on hold for a considerable period of time was told Openreach Engineer was scheduled to look at the problem in 6 days time!


I asked to speak to the agents manager and after a very lengthy conversation nothing changed except that I got clarification that Openreach will not necessarily fix the problem in 6 days that's the earliest they'll look at it. So I asked for them to put me back onto to copper broadband in the interim. Apparently that would necessitate the cancellation of my Infinity order and a wait because that cant be done immediately.


So so far my return to BT has plunged me back in time to the days before even dialup access as I have a working landline and that's it. Fortunately I do have a smart phone so I can access the internet but that has its limitations on speed and the amount of data I can download.


Has anyone else had this type of problem and managed to find a way of expediting things? 

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Re: Problem switching to BT and Infinity

Try the UK Order Live Chat Team


I expect that its Openreach causing the delay, as they have to deal with all service providers, not just BT Retail.

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