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Problem with BT Bundles and Mis leading customers

I have asked BT on 19 Jun 2011 to remove BT Vision from my package and upgrade broadband from Option 1 to 2.

The guy on the other side was very helpful and did confirm to me that every thing done for me. He also confirmed that the total cost of BT line rental + Anytime calls + Broadband Option 2 will be £29.60/month.

I was happy with the new bundle and the price.


Today (23 Jun) BT sent me a bill for £29.60 for tel & BB and another bill for £7.20 for BT Vision which I specifically requested to remove it from my bundle.


I have tried four times today to resolve this issue but every time I was pushed around different departments and finally call gets cut off (very systematic way of dodging the customer). A similer thing happened to me a year ago and it took a few months to get my money back from BT.


Finally, I have made a complain to BT (via email) and waiting for their reply.


Please someone advice me how can I resolve this issue. Because every day I wait BT will ripp me off. It was a big mistake that selected BT.

Their customer services is useless. BT has no respect for their customers.

Is ther anyway to make a complain to someone other than BT or cancel all my services and goto another provider without paying any cancellation charges.


Very much appreciate your help

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Re: Problem with BT Bundles and Mis leading customers

No sorry there is no way of leaving your contract without paying cancelation charges. You need to speak to billing to get this refund, it could be down to a payment for the month before it was cancelled

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Re: Problem with BT Bundles and Mis leading customers

I agree with justatwork, cancelling will leave you with charges.


You also say that you have just emailed them and are awaiting a reply. maybe give it a reasonable time and hope you get a reply. If you hear nothing soon about the BT Vision part of your complaint, then maybe contact the mods here to see if they can assist you



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Re: Problem with BT Bundles and Mis leading customers

If your services dont work, you didnt get what you ordered, price is different to that agreed then you can cancel your contract- however it will take a small battle with BT to get the charges waived.

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Re: Problem with BT Bundles and Mis leading customers

Thanks for the responses.

I contacted BT billing dept on 24 Jun and the advisor on the other line agreed with the complain. After checking the recording of the conversation (I have had during the order) She confirmed that the BT vision package is removed and there won't be any cancellation charge on my bill. She also sent me an email to confirm that.


Yesterday 28 Jun, I received a call from billing dept about my complain and was advised that my BT Vision package added (again I don't know why???) and my total bill will be £4?.?? a month. After a battle my call was transferred to another department where another advisor advised me that my BT Vision is now cancelled and there won't be any cancellation charges.


I don't know what to do Now. All I can see is I am trapped with this provider and they are bunch of useless people.


Today I have made another complain about this and warn them that I will cancel my direct debit if they don't resolve it by today to stop them stealing money from me.


I will be grateful if anyone could advice me how can I bring these culprits to justice.




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Re: Problem with BT Bundles and Mis leading customers



I was just wondering did you get to cancel your contract in the end?


I am fed up with BT and the way they conduct themselves.


I originally had BB1 UAP on an 18 month contract and BT Vision on 12 months.


I was using my BB alot so wanted to upgrade to BB2 but did not want another 18 month contract, so I called BT to ask if I would be put into an 18 month contract and I was told it would just be the same length as it is now. So I agreed to upgrade.


I then received an email saying "your 18 month contract with start from ....."


I emailed to complain about this and was told I could cancel my BB or take the BB2 option discounted for 12 months. I originally wanted to cancel but as I have Vision I'd have to pay 200£ to cancel that.


I said I would take the 12 month contract as I couldnt afford the cancelation charge.


I called today to say I may not be able to afford my next bill as I am having difficulty with money, only to be told that my bill is £246.


I am livid with this and I just want to cancel my services. I don't have the time to be chasing BT about a phone bill, and I am not prepared to give them any more money for a service they keep messing up. And i certainly will not be paying cancellation charges. Surely we have rights in that they have not stuck to their end of the contract. If we broke the contract they will be in touch straight away telling us we owe this and that, but there seems to be no repurcusions for when they mess us about.


Was your cancellation successful?


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Re: Problem with BT Bundles and Mis leading customers

I've changed packages before and have not had cancellation charges,I was told that it's because I'd entered into a new contract.



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