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Problem with Outlook

I've got an issue with MS Outlook 2000 on a WXP SP3 PC. the problem is similar to this one in that I can receive email with no difficulty, and I get an error message 0x800ccc19 on trying to send from the client. According to the MS Knowledge Base, it's an AV problem, but even with my Norton AV switched off, it still happens. This has only started happening since I switched to BT and home hub 3 on Friday. I could go direct to my web server to send email, but that's not terribly helpful or convenient, especially when it worked properly before.


Any ideas, anyone?

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Re: Problem with Outlook

I think I've found a solution, but I can't say that I'm entirely happy with the need for it.

It seems that BT have applied filtering on the SMTP delivery to prevent spoofing (error 553), but by verifying my third party email address (that I've had for years with no issues at all) and creating a new account in Outlook to use the account for outgoing mail it seems to work. I've still got to check the other accounts that use that domain name to be sure it's working properly.

In my view this is a clunky workaround, not a proper fix, to a problem caused by a solution to a problem that actually wasn't there in the first place. Talk about creating work!


Sorry, rant over.


Can anyone confirm that I've got the right end of the stick with this.


I've also noted a number of other SMTP type threads on the forum, could they possibly be related?

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