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Problem with Speedtester

I have a problem with the tester at in that when I do the further diagnostics test I get this 


Speed tap 3 error large.PNG


Presumably this is one of the quirks of the tester - this is the first time I have ever seen this.

I was going to post about a possible congestion issue which resolved itself whilst writing a post about it and when doing the diagnostics on the improved speed this Tap3 thing occurred.

Will it go away , hopefully, or am I stuffed for getting IP profiles in the future.


My speed had dropped to next to nothing for about 1.5 hours the best I got was 0.83 down. I am on cab 84  BWAT (Bridgwater) 

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Re: Problem with Speedtester

The speed tester seems to be slightly broken at times.  Either giving completely inaccurate results or otherwise not functioning correctly.  All you can do is persevere and it may eventually return the results you are looking for in the further diagnostics.

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Re: Problem with Speedtester

Thought as much. I wonder if the Mods could give some update/guidance regarding speedtester as I thought that flash was being phased out , or even why it throws out stuff about Tap 3 when minutes previously I got the correct further diagnostics.

It seems too hit and miss for a tool that is required for reporting speed issues.

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