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Problem with distribution point


It s been 2 weeks that I am desperatly trying to get my line working.

My phone line is disconnected at the building distribution point said one Open Reach engineer. What a surprise when he asked me where this distribution point was. Aren't OpenReach people supposed to know that or at least investigate ?

The only answer I received is 'well there is no much I can do then', before telling me that 'l' had to investigate and then, call the customer service again to ask for another appointment.

Please can someone help me in getting my line re connected?

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Re: Problem with distribution point

If you live in an apartment then the chances are all the building telephony services enter in a utility room or similar and are distributed from there to the individual apartments, obviously OR don't know or have any record where this is as the building developer installed it, so in these circumstances it's reasonable for them to ask that you provide access to this room and ensure they can get at the DP ( distribution point ), after all it may be a room that's normally locked, if access isn't available they probably would wait a short while for you to obtain access for them, but would ultimately walk away and book the job as no access , does your building have a caretaker or someone responsible for the communal areas ?, you may have to arrange with them to let the OR engineer into the utility area
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Re: Problem with distribution point

Openreach Engineer do have access to a node finder web site but a lot of the time the information in it is useless..... Plenty of times I've seen it say, DP is Internal within Apartment Building..... Not exactly helpful and as already said developers don't always put them in the most obvious place....

I once did a job at a block of flats with about 40 properties and for some idiotic unknown reason the developer put the DP in a utility cupboard in one of the ground floor flats so if you needed access to it you had to hope the person who lived there was home and in a good enough mood to let you in!?!?

So instead of just complaining why didn't you help yourself and call the landlord or property owner to find where it was so you could tell the Engineer so he could reconnect your line?
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Re: Problem with distribution point

But the engineer should have known where it is along with the thousands of other dp's there are where he works... And have keys to every door they are hidden behind.
They can be hidden anywhere. Behind wooden panels on walls, above ceiling tiles, in peoples bike lockers, even in car parks under blocks of flats which has been disused for years.
Its not unreasonable to have this information to hand and even a key if needed before the engineer arrives. Can save a lot of problems sometimes.