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Problem with fitting new plug onto the phone cable.

I would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer on the problem I'm having with shortening my phone cable.


I'm talking about the plug on the end of the phone cable that goes into the socket on the wall - takes four wires (black, red, green & yellow) - with a right hand latch.


The phone sits on a shelf right next to the socket, so we only need a very short cable. I obtained a plug crimper and some plugs, cut the wire to the length needed, and fitted the new plug. I matched exactly the orientation of the wires in the newly fitted plug, made sure that they were being inserted right to the end, and have crimped as far as the tool will allow. I have cut, and refitted three plugs now, but each time I plug into the socket, it doesn't work. I just get the open line with nobody on the other end type slight hiss.


The cable was working before I cut it, and I have switched in another cable from a different phone, and that works, so the fault must be with the plug I have put on.


Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

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Re: Problem with fitting new plug onto the phone cable.

Hi and welcome.

As long as the wires went into the correct holes and the crimp was tight I am afraid that is all that can be done. Have you tried searching on line for a shorter cable?

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Re: Problem with fitting new plug onto the phone cable.

You've taken a very long winded approach to what should have been a simple solution.


Simply fold up the excess of the cable, get a cable tie or two and tie them round the folded cable then tuck that behind the base station of your phone.

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Re: Problem with fitting new plug onto the phone cable.

Thanks for your welcome, and reply Devon Dave.


I did search, and the shortest I could find was 50cm, when what I ideally want is about 20cm.


When I cut off the existing plug I stripped the cut end of its outer sheath, to expose the wire colours, and I matched the order of the wires to what was on the existing plug. So I am sure that they went into the correct holes. The crimp was as tight as the crimping tool would allow - ie it wouldn't close any further.

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Re: Problem with fitting new plug onto the phone cable.

Thanks for your reply Icarus.


I do realise that buying a shorter cable would have been the easier solution, but I haven't been able to find one as short as I'd like.


The existing cable was stiff, and pretty long, so makes a large bundle. As the phone sits on a little shelf, the exact size of the phone, there is no space behind it to put this large bundle of cable. It would have to hang over the edge of the shelf, in plain view, which would look unsightly.

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