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Problem with noise and call dropping

Ever since I got the new BT Internet infinity I've seem to be having problems with my telephone line.

At times I can hear feedback when I'm on the phone, at times I can hear myself talk back or I can hear a buzzing sound. Also now my phone doesn't seem to ring and if they do after one ring it will show the phone is connected when nobody has picked up the handset. It drops after one ring, The caller display doesn't work, I have two telephones one upstairs and downstairs having the same problem, the upstairs telephone the ring isn't consistent and both phones are out of sync

Not sure what is going on here and I'm sure that there isn't anything wrong at my side of things

I was told that an engineer needs to be booked and if there are any problems found inside the house I would be charged 99Pounds? For starters your own person came to install the equipment ever since then I've been having this issue.

Would like to know if this has happened to anyone and what they did ?

Kindest Regards

Jashoda Kerai


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Re: Problem with noise and call dropping

they advise all callers that as some faults are the users equipment or internal wiring you problem sound like one that would be no charge BT only charge if the fault is found after the Master socket
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