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Problem with uploaded pictures on BTCloud


I've noticed some issues when uploading pictures (jpg) to BT Cloud.

If I upload a batch of pictures(jpg files), there are usually some (typically about a quarter of them) which do not get displayed as a thumbnail image (just a generic icon), and the fullsize image is not displayed when this is clicked (again just a standard icon). There doesn't seem to be any pattern to this. I've tried images from different cameras with the same issue. With almost identical pics taken one after the other, one will get a thumbnail and the other won't. However, I can still download all these files from Cloud and they renders fine on my PC.

I've tried using different browsers, and uploading using both the web uploads interface and the BTCloud application with the same problem.
The same images upload onto flickr with no problems.

Has anyone else experienced this, or any ideas what I'm doing wrong ?

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Re: Problem with uploaded pictures on BTCloud

I have experienced it.  I think it is BT Cloud that is wrong, not you.  There is some pattern, for example (almost) all the pictures from my Fuji F11 are ok.


I've pointed out on a few threads now that you can get flickr pro free with a BT email signon.  Please excuse the repitition, but it doesn't seem to be at all well advertised.

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