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Problem with various handsets

A week ago my line quality became really poor.  I reported a fault and was told there was no fault on the line.  Since then any cordless handset I use will not dial out and incoming calls are really quiet.  I bought an extremely basic corded phone which works for incoming and outgoing but the sound is really quiet.  Assuming it was the poor quality of the corded phone, I bought a better quality corded phone - BT Decor 2600 Premium Nuisance Blocker.  This has the same issues as the cordless handsets I have tried.  Any clue as to what the problem might be?  Thanks

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Re: Problem with various handsets

@louiseclareb I'm sorry to see you having problems with the sound on your calls. Have you tried connecting directly to the test socket to rule out any problems with your internal wiring. 

test socket.jpg



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Re: Problem with various handsets

I have exactly the same result whether I use the test socket behind the front plate or the normal socket.

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Re: Problem with various handsets

@louiseclareb That would indicate that it's likely a network fault. If you report a faint line fault on 151 they'll organise an engineer for you.

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Re: Problem with various handsets

The engineer came.  He checked the wiring outside my house and changed the master socket inside.  The telephone handsets still wouldn't dial out.  He then went to the green box up the road, disconnected everything and reconnected it.  That seemed to fix it so he left.  Within an hour the line quality had deteriorated and, shortly after, the phone wouldn't dial out again.  But this time when I use the test socket the phone is clear and works perfectly.  Not sure what to do now.

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