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Problem with wireless to wired device connectivity on a Home Hub 2

I am having problems getting a few things up and running on my iPhone and iPad (iOS devices) with my Home Hub 2 and wired PC.


The iOS devices are connected to the HH wireless, can browse internet fine, download e-mail and connect to the http interface of a wired NAS I also have connected to the HH. However, I can't get iTunes remote control or AirTunes to connect to iTunes on a wired PC from the iOS devices, or print from the iOS devices to a wired printer using HP iPrint.


It seems that there is a problem with certain traffic being passed from the wireless side of the HH to the wired side. The services work fine if i use a wireless dongle on my PC and connect to it to the HH wireless, so they obviously work, but it shouldn't be necessary to do this with a router.


Does anyone know if this is a common problem with the HH 2, and does anyone know how to fix it? Any work from BT techys?





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