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Problems and its not even installed yet

Anyone else experiencing very worrying issues with BT and not even installed?

My first is the it is not my install date and my router isnt here.

My second is that i called yesterday to ask about this and the guy said his phone was too busy to deal with my query right now and can he call me back. This is after waiting in the que for over half an hour. He then didnt call me back! So i end up calling again, waiting another 45 mins to be told oop soz. And thats about it.

My third is today its my install date and my time is between 1 and 3pm... but then i get a call from the engineer at 8am asking to come early around 9am because his first job is a no show. So i cancel my Dr.appt rearrange with work and say yes.

10am comes no engineer, text him to ask where he is and get a reply saying its between 1 and 3 pm!!!! 


I reply saying no, you called me and he says oh i called the wrong person. At this point in time im wondering if i should just cancel as this does not seem like a reputable company at all!

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Re: Problems and its not even installed yet

the engineer is from openreach and would have been the same person whichever ISP you chose as openreach work for all apart from virgin  hopefully you now have hub and ready for engineer between 1/3pm

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Re: Problems and its not even installed yet

It wasnt here. And we did have issues unfortunately, as said before what an aweful first impression

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