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Problems connecting to BT Wi-Fi on Kindle Paperwhite

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I am currently on my hols in Devon, staying at a cottage that has BT broadband, so I reckon I should be able to log onto the service. Indeed, if this post appears on the forum it proves I am successfully logged in on my laptop.


But as the eather is awful I'm running out of reading material on my Kidle eReader, and I want to buy some more books from Amazon and load them onto my Kindle.


So, as well as connecting my laptop I also want to connect my Kindle. I have read the following but that doesnt seem to work, because I reach a stage on my Kindle that says 'The wifi network you are connecting to requires you to sign in before accessing the internet'. It then gives the option of launching the integral web browser.


I tap on OK, and the BT wi-fi login page appears. It isn't very clear in black and white, but I have repeatedly entered by BT ID and my correct password, only for the login page to loop back on screen and tell me to enter them again.


I'm at a bit of a loss now. Anyone got any suggestions? Will being connected with my laptop prevent me connecting simultaneously with the Kindle, for example?

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Re: Problems connecting to BT Wi-Fi on Kindle Paperwhite

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When the browser opens make sure you use the box to log on as BT Broadband customer.