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Problems sending emails with Apple Mac

I have used BT email for for several years and had no problems.  A few months ago I started to have problems with emails on my Apple Mac.  Emails work fine on the BT web service, and they work fine on my Apple phone.  So I am confident that the password is correct.

On the laptop emails go to an outbox and sit there refusing to send.  Apple have confirmed that the email app is set up correctly.

I know from my son that his query to BT (Tag IOS Mac email) resulted in the specialists succeeding in getting similar problems solved.

If anyone has good suggestions on resolution, it would be really appreciated.  Sending long emails from my phone is proving impractical.

Thanks in advance,  Mike.

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Re: Problems sending emails with Apple Mac

Hi @Michael44, welcome to the forum and sorry you are having a problem sending emails on your Apple Mac.

Have a look at Having Trouble With BT Email on Apple Devices and try the advice offered and see if that helps. Post back and let me know how you get on.




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