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Problems with BT Smart Hub

Hello, I seem to have problems with BT Smart Hub. I have been problems with internet slowdowns and disconnections daily for months. Every time I do the speed test on BT site my Router restarts. Today I had a DC lasting 10 min and went on the site to test the line using my mobile phone and it cam back with no fault.

Is this the Hub broken or Broadband issue?

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Re: Problems with BT Smart Hub

Hi @Tomas12 , sorry that you are having a problem with your broadband connection. 

Firstly to help rule out any issue with your phone service please run a quiet line test by dialling 17070 from your BT Landline. If using a corded phone then the test should be quiet, if you are using a cordless phone then you may hear a low hum.

Also would you post your Smart hub stats? You can get your connection stats by, Opening a new web browser on your connected device and type or bthomehub.home into the address bar. This will open the Hub Manager.  Click ‘Advanced Settings’ and then ‘Technical log’



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Re: Problems with BT Smart Hub

Hi, thanks for reply. The line is clear and here's the log

Technical log.jpg

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