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Problems with BT Youview box DTR 2110

Problems with my BT YouView box DTR T2110

Several times it has refused to switch on and when it does so eventually after several presses of the remote, it refuses to load 'My TV' and ignores all other buttons. The remote control works perfectly so I know it's not that but the YouView box does not respond, and has to be switched off for a few seconds then switched back on to re-boot, after which it'll work fine for a week or so then it'll do it again but this is a no-no if it happens to be recording at that time something you particularly want.

Another issue it has is that sometimes the audio disappears after fast forwarding or re-winding then resuming playback. Playback then has to be stopped completely then re-started for the audio to come back.

I like the BT YouView very much but these faults are a nuisance,  is there anyway to resolve them ? - I'm sure they're just a software issue rather than a physical fault with my machine.

 Please advise if you can help.

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Re: Problems with BT Youview box DTR 2110

I am having a similar problem with my Youview Box DTR T2100

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Re: Problems with BT Youview box DTR 2110

You could both try a maintenance mode reset - see here for instructions.

Try options 2 & 4 only as these keep your recordings. Do 2 first & the 4.

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Re: Problems with BT Youview box DTR 2110

Thanks I've already tried this. I think there is a fault with the box as it is making a funny noise and the screen goes black and doesn't get past waking up.
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Re: Problems with BT Youview box DTR 2110

Hi @JFGChelm and @Billers,

Thanks for posting. If @TimCurtis advice doesn't work then you'll need to get in touch with the TV faults team on 0800 111 4567.



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Re: Problems with BT Youview box DTR 2110

Many thanks for your responses.

I'm very reluctant to go down the 'maintenance mode reset' path because I have done this in the past on a Humax 1800T and my previous BT Youview box and in both cases it was the death knell of the unit. Fortunately, in both cases I'd bought them from John Lewis with their 2 year guarantee, and I got a full refund for the Humax which I then used to buy the first of the BT Youview boxes. This lasted just 18 months and was replaced when it failed by a new BT Youview box which is currently giving the problems mentioned and probably won't last much longer.

I really like my BT Youview box - it was quite intuitive, versatile and the program guide loaded very quickly, especially compared with the Humax PVR-9300T which I still use in our conservatory but now has bad sectors on its hard drive. I notice that John Lewis no longer lists the BT Youview and it's no longer available from the BT shop either - this must tell you something. Looking at the reviews of other Youview boxes currently available like Manhattan, Panasonic etc, they all seem to suffer from some software glitch or other durability issues.  It's such a shame that you can't seem to buy either a digital TV or Youview recorder without these issues that seem to that manifest themselves after a relatively short while and  are usually software or hard drive related. Surely, in this day and age, we should have a unit that has a solid state drive rather than mechanical disc drive which my current PC has,  and reliable software without glitches - I'd be happy to pay a bit more for one that could be relied upon rather than buy a new one every 18 months or so.


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Re: Problems with BT Youview box DTR 2110


I've a couple of Panasonic recorders - DMR-HWT150 & DMR-PWT530 - along with 2 Youview units.

I can't say that the Panasonics have been anything other than rock solid in the time I've had them - 2 years & 5 years respectively, unlike the Youview units with the constant fiddling with the software and weak tuner issues.

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Re: Problems with BT Youview box DTR 2110

@JFHChelm TBH if any kind of reset kills a box it means it was on its death bed anyway, typically with power supply capacitors starting to fail and feeding out of spec DC voltages to the electronics with unpredictable results.
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Re: Problems with BT Youview box DTR 2110


It sounds like the hard drive has given up in your box, do you hear a faint repetetive clicking noise and or whiring noise as it's trying to boot up

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Re: Problems with BT Youview box DTR 2110

Yes. I now have a replacement box from BT
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