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Problems with BT vision - IPC6011 & IPC6012 and issues with BT Customer services.

Hi All.


I have been a loyal BT Customer for several years now. Here is my story with BT Vision


I have received a letter from BT in July / August that BT Sport is free for Customers of BT Broadband.


Naturally being a football fan, I signed up.


Received the Youview Box and everything was setup as instructed.


I can only watch internet channels as I do not have an ariel in my property.


Was Trying to watch football on BT Sport and I was getting an IPC6011 error and IPC6012 error and asked to contact BT on 0800 111 4567


On 2 Nov 2013 I had my first brush with evil (BT Customer service / Technical helpdesk in India)


I was made to factory reset the box (loose all recordings of programs) and after doing all the setup several times it worked. So out of curiosity I asked the guy if I get the same issue do I have to do the same thing again and the guy on the phone from BT said it will not happen.


It did happen again and another call and another round of resets (30 - 40 mins) it worked.


on 27 nov same issue. This time an engineer came out and he said everything was fine.


Early december same issue. So this time BT said they will send me a new Youview BOX (Guess what never turned up)


Now in January I have the issue back to haunt me. Asked them where the youview box was and the guy gave me a good answer. Was ordered but due to some technical issues BT could not place the order(funny right!!!). So I ask for customer services and he says he will transfer please hold and then got cut off from the call.



Today 04/01/2014 phoned customer services at 12:00 noon and after a few mins got connected to BT (Scottosh guy) on the phone. He reads the notes on my account and says he will get me to technical help (clueless BT India). He puts me through a queue for 30 mins and the call gets answered by Billing Department. This time the billing guy takes all the info and says he will transfer me to Technical Helpdesk (BT India). I have been in a queue for close to 70 mins this time and still no one is daring to pick my call.


I will hold as long as they are open today..... Lets see who wins!!!!!!!!!!!



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Re: Problems with BT vision - IPC6011 & IPC6012 and issues with BT Customer services.

Update: Still in Queue.. Close to 2 hrs 30 mins now.. I will not give up..
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Re: Problems with BT vision - IPC6011 & IPC6012 and issues with BT Customer services.

Also are you using the BT HomeHub and what specific model? How is the YouView box connected to your broadband?

But a search on this error appears to be related to the fact you have no Terrestrial Aerial connected even though they are IP delivered channels.

BT Infinity (EASTF) 58.93/15.94 Mbps [IP Profile: 60.8/20 Mbps] using Openreach Modem & Billion BiPAC 7800N

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Re: Problems with BT vision - IPC6011 & IPC6012 and issues with BT Customer services.

Hi Srkk555,


Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum.  Really sorry to hear of the problems you are facing with your YouView service and BT customer service.  I can help.


Please drop me an email.  You will find my contact link under the 'about me' section of my profile, just click on my username (SeanD).  Please include your BT account details and the link to this thread.




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Re: Problems with BT vision - IPC6011 & IPC6012 and issues with BT Customer services.

We have had BT you view for 2 weeks. And ever since we have had it it won't record. Every time I try to record it starts then a message will come up saying that there is a problem and then the picture will freeze and scrambl. And then the box freezes and can't do nothing with it. So I turn it off at the back and start it up. Then to find out all my IP channels have I have to restart the box to get all my IP channels back.

So have phoned up the call center only to be told the same thing over and over again. for the last

2 weeks I have phoned and told the Indian call center the same thing and they our no help. I must have been on the phone over the last two weeks for four hours. well today I lost it after being told for the 10th time switch the box off. i told her put through to a UK call center.she told me that she cldnt I demand to be put through. Well cut a long story short. A complaint now has been put in and the English man has organized a engineer to call out next week. At last
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