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Problems with PPTP VPN connections over BT Internet - DNS ordering issue

Our company Helpdesk has recently had a number of phone calls from people who are dialling in to the company using a PPTP VPN and who are unable to access internal network services across the VPN whilst connect to it.


All of these calls have been people who use a BT Internet connection.


Basically our users have found that they are not able to access services across our VPN that they were able to access without problems before Friday 27th May. The issue seems to have started on the morning of the 27th May.


We have traced the issue to be a related to a DNS problem and have had to implement a workaround to fix it. It only seems to be people who use BT Internet or a BT Home Hub. What has changed?


All of our other users who use different Internet providers have not had an issue.




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