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Problems with all BBC programmes on bt box

Are other people having problems with BBC1,BBC2,BBC4 programmes?  I cannot get a decent standard of programme on the television in the last  few days.  The picture keeps going completely off  the station,with the picture on the television just showing wavy lines,and an interrupted sound - which means  reception issues I presume!  I have already tried re-tuning all of the television programmes - which resulted in them taking off BBC1 and BBC2 off the full list of television programmes on the television guide.  Instead,they  just say go to 101 for BBC1 programmes instead,and still no BBC2 or BBC4....Any suggestions folks of what I can do to get a decent programme on BBC1,BBC2,BBC4?  Thanks.  

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Re: Problems with all BBC programmes on bt box

Sounds like an aerial / aerial connection problem to me. Check the aerial connection at he tv end, make sure that the screening is turned well back. Cut off and make a brand new connection if needed.
Good luck
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Re: Problems with all BBC programmes on bt box

Thank you for your help.  I have checked all the wirings and connections,but my adult granddaughter is going to check the wifi as well....Thanks for your help!  Will let everyone know how we get on.  Thanks again, Ivy 

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Re: Problems with all BBC programmes on bt box

Your BBC & Freeview etc channels don't come from your wi-fi with a BT TV box, they come from your aerial. Your subscription channels BT etc come via wifi.
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