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Problems with emails disappearing and account disconnecting - using Mail for Mac / MS Outlook (Mac)

Posting on behalf of my father 

He has BT internet account set up with Mail for Mac. Over the past few weeks emails have been completely disappearing from his mailbox, leaving it completely empty - no sent, he doesn't use folders. I have checked junk/spam/deleted.... they're nowhere to be found.

We restart the computer and very very slowly they start to reappear. I deleted the BT internet account from 'Mail' and readded, checked ports etc. No difference. I have set up his profile on my macbook - no difference. I have a massively faster connection than he does but it doesn't make any difference. I have logged into the webmail account and that is shocking, you can't get from one inbox page to the next. I set up MS Outlook (mac version) and that can't regularly disconnects. Ipad and Iphone mail strangely seem to have fewer problems with emails disappearing but still regularly disconnect. 

It is happening pretty much every day. 

I have suggested changing to gmail but he wants to keep the email address. Really don't know what to do.

Please help! 

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