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Problems with new Infinity 2 line

Hi there,


I have had multiple orders placed (orders being placed by the order placement team over the phone) for starting a new infinity 2 line and phone line since the past week, as everytime I call BT to chase with the progress, I am being told the order has not been placed !!!


Can somebody explain why this happening?



Am a BT phone line customer. Moving home and want a new phone line and infinity 2 line on 16th Aug on the new address.



First time order placed on 3rd Aug over the phone.Given reference numbers as well.Date given for infinity/phone activation 22nd Aug.Total time on the phone: more than 30 minutes


Checked on the progress on 5th August over the phone.Then advised order has not been placed on the correct address.BT placed an order again on 5th Aug  and gave different reference numbers this time and cancelled the previous order.Date given 22nd Aug for activation.Total time on phone:more than 30 minutes.


Checked on progress again on 8th AUgust over the phone as I thought I should not trust BT.And yes, the order was not placed at all!!!Again BT placed an order and have now been given a date for 30th August for infinity 2 line installtion and 9th August for phone line???


@BT:Is anybody listening?

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Re: Problems with new Infinity 2 line

i find it funny you have placed home moves over the phone that had canceld themselvs. because thats exactly what happend to me. i was without serivces from 2 months and spent over 50 quid in wifi mins and phoe calls to bt and they dont really care now ive re done a contract. also my line keeps disconnecting now its eventualy installed

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Re: Problems with new Infinity 2 line

Thanks for the reply @samdiablo666


I will be without the infinity line for 15 days now if the order has been placed correctly this time around!!!!!


Btw, nobody seems to pick up the phone on the BT complaint line.


Had there been a choice for installing another fibre optic connection via Virgin, etc., I would have given BT a skip

@BT :Are you listening????


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