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Problems with upload speed

3 Jan 2012 Infinity installed


Consistent download speeds of around 37 Mbps with uploads above 8 Mbps (checked on


Pingtest checked regularly with excellent results (packet loss 0%, ping around 16 ms, jitter 1 ms) (checked on


Microsoft Outlook 2003 uploading and downloading messages to/from Gmail without any problems.


17 Jan 2012 Problems started


Download speeds still seem OK (c. 35 Mbs), but uploads very poor: tested on BT’s speed test ( can’t even finish the test) – 258 Kbps down to as low as 31 Kbps


Pingtest returning packet loss between 10 and 14%, with ping range of 63-121 ms and jitter 54-164 ms


Accessing websites very hit and miss, often displaying the screen ‘Internet Explorer cannot display this website’ – clicking on ‘diagnose problem’ returns no problems, then can (sometimes) connect to website.


Microsoft Outlook 2003 seems to still download messages OK, but won’t send messages, returning the error message ‘Sending reported error (0x800CCC0F) ‘The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues contact your server administrator or ISP’.


Have checked the email settings in Outlook and they are correct; sending a test message from the settings section often works, but sometimes fails.


Followed all the instructions from BT Broadband Desktop Help, including power cycling the modem and router with no effect.


Phoned BT helpline 17 Jan (around 16:00) – only advice given was to reset the Hub, again to no effect. They would phone me back the next day to see if the problem solved. So far no phone call


Any advice?

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Re: Problems with upload speed

Hi Steve and welcome to the forum


Is your connection wired, if so are you using the gigabt port? - if so try one of the others.


My initial gigabit port faulted to 2K upload with all the symptoms you have.


Hope this helps


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Re: Problems with upload speed

Thanks Michael,


Problem seems to be the same for wired across all ports and wireless. Have now had a call back from the Indian call centre lady, who tried her best to help, bless her, but wasn't really equipped technically. She did give me a number for the technical helpdesk though, so I might get more help there.



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Re: Problems with upload speed

'Pingtest returning packet loss between 10 and 14%, with ping range of 63-121 ms and jitter 54-164 ms'


These are horrible stats Steveski- especially the Jitter (variance in packet delivery time). One question though, if you have more than one PC, are you getting the same issue on all of them?


if so its definately time for for an engineer, and it might be worth flagging it to the moderators on this forum if you're not having any luck with the helpline

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Re: Problems with upload speed

Yep, same problems on all PCs and laptops. I have today flagged this up to the moderators in the hope that they can help. Coincidentally (?) another thread on this forum reports upload speed problems in connection with the Sheffield, Beauchief exchange; guess which exchange I'm on? I think I'll add my penn'orth to that thread too.



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