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Re: Profile stuck again...

Sorry John, but your wrong...It wouldn't matter if it was left 1000 days...the speed tester always gives that result and I'm effectively on "up to" 2000kps...look at my previous ones..their "up to" 7150Kps

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Re: Profile stuck again...

in that case all you can do is contact the mods and ask them to manually reset your profile again
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Re: Profile stuck again...

I'm off to France tomorrow so doubt if I'd get a reply in time...what I'm wondering is why after a resync (power-cut etc) does it always go to a banded 2meg profile...clearly something is wrong with DLM

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Re: Profile stuck again...

The Ip profile is different to a banded profile a banded profile relates to connection speed where as the ip profile relates to throughput this may explain more also banded profiles relate to adsl2+  


Dynamic Line Management (DLM)

DLM is a feature that is run on all Max and ADSL2+ services that are provided by BT Wholesale, to analyse line performance information on their network. It uses this information to determine whether or not a line is unstable and, if it is, will make some configuration changes to try and stabilise the line at the fastest possible speed.

Generally, the performance of a broadband line is reviewed on a daily basis, unless it is what BT refer to as a 'flapping line' or one which drops the connection regularly. These are generally reviewed more frequently. Once a line has been stabilised, the DLM changes become less frequent.

It is only when a line experiences a period of instability where this process is restarted. The reconfiguration of these lines will involve changes in the 'line profile'. Once a change to a line profile has been requested, there is a delay of approximately 2 hours before the change is actually made. When this change occurs, there is a brief drop in connection, typically for about 30 seconds.

Where there is a deterioration in service the speed at which the DLM will react will depend upon the severity of the problem. A connection which drops once a day will see profile changes occur less quickly than if a line was disconnecting far more frequently.

DLM for ADSL2+ is able to use banded profiles. Initially, all lines are configured to run in a fully rate adaptive mode. That means there isn't really any maximum or minimum capability of the broadband service within technical capabilities.

For lines which drop frequently, a banded profile can be applied, which will restrict a line's connection speed from connecting at a level which it can't maintain. Banded profiles operate with a minimum and maximum connection speed band. For example, one banded profile will control the connection speed from between 3.3 and 6.6Mbps.

The following table shows the various banded profiles that are currently used on ADSL2+:

ADSL2+ Banded Line Profiles
160Kbps - 288Kbps
288Kbps - 576Kbps
576Kbps - 1152Kbps
1152Kbps - 2272Kbps
1472Kbps - 3072Kbps
2272Kbps - 4544Kbps
3328Kbps - 6656Kbps
4864Kbps - 9728Kbps
7168Kbps - 14336Kbps

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