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Programs cutting short on BT Player

I'm trying to watch some sport shows on BT Player on the YouView box but they are showing as much shorter than the true program and cut out hours before the actual ending. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks

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Re: Programs cutting short on BT Player

Hi  @Dropsy 

can you give a  couple of examples of the programmes   ?

are you watching HD or SD versions ?

is this a consistent experience .. ie if you watch again does it stop at same point ?


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Re: Programs cutting short on BT Player

Yes it happens at the same point on a few. The latest one is the 4k version of the boxing between Dubois-Gorman. It's only about 35 minutes long but should be 3/4 hours.

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Re: Programs cutting short on BT Player

Hi @Dropsy  I had a look at that example and can replicate the problem.

It  seems that either an incomplete program has been supplied to BT Player OR if a complete programme has been supplied it has not been successfully loaded onto the BT Player servers. 

If you have any other current examples @Dropsy just post the tile details.

I will advise the mods so that they can advise the  appropriate team.

(For mods benefit this is the Dubois v Gorman content which is one of the 26 titles of BT Sport Fight Night Live on the BT Player . Note that it is the 4K version which is listed independently of the SD/HD version.)


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