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Apologies if this has been answered before but I have trawled through the forums and can't find a specific answer, so here goes.


My mum has a Binatone Speakeasy 2050 corded phone with cordless handset.

When she calls companies and gets confronted with the menu options - press 1 for whatever etc, there is no acknowledgement when she presses the buttons.

I have also tried and get no joy.

I'm guessing this has something to do with the Pulse/Tone switch but there is no switch on this phone.

I have also plugged in several other phones all with the same result.


When any call is made, the phone makes the clicking noise as it dials each digit in the number and it does take an age before the call is connected, my friends phone just beeps through the number very quickly.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Pulse/Tone??

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Hi and welcome.

By what you describe it does sound like the phone is set to pulse.


A lot of the modern phone now days include a set up menu that you would need to check through to change the dial options to tone, do you have the user guide at all.

This user guide here is not the same model but may help.


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Re: Pulse/Tone??

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Hi and thanks.
Coincidentally a neighbour came round today as he was having problems with his phone.
We got talking and he lent me a spare phone to try which worked fine.
The phones I have have no mention of being able to switch from pulse to tone so I guess that they're no good.
I wouldn't have thought it possible, but I have tried 5 other phones before now, all with the same result.
Oh well, at least I know now!
Thanks again for your reply.
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Re: Pulse/Tone??

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As Devon_Dave said it appears that the phone is set to pulse dial but you also said you had tried other phones on her line. Is she on a normal BT line or is it in a building with its own telephone exchange? Is it the same for the corded and cordless phones of the 2050?

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Re: Pulse/Tone??

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Press R on your handset, hold for a few seconds and you'll see the letter P or t for Pulse or Tone. Choose the one you want (t) and it'll change it to tone dialling. I emailed Binatone with this query because the info was not in the manual and they sent me this advice. It works. Hope you haven't had to buy a new phone instead. I realise you asked this question a year ago. But I only just saw it. Best regards.
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