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Put extra modem in upstairs extension socket



Tall thin house. Fibre Master socket downstairs in living room with homehub connected to it. Phone socket extensions all over the house including on the 2nd floor where computer is.


I would like to keep the BT Homehub downstairs in the living room plugged into the master socket as it is used for wired internet there.

I would however also like to connect my computer on the top floor via ethernet to the internet. I want to avoid a 20 metre ethernet cable littering the house, or expensive ethernet laying. So I would like to plug a modem into the top floor phone socket and run an ethernet cable from there to my computer.

I appreciate you cannot have two routers on one phone line so I would need to disable the DHCP on the upstairs modem and play around with IP addressses (I imagine quite simple). I also appreciate there is the option of Wi-Fi extenders, this is not my desire as I want to utilise the stability of my broadband as much as possible using wires/ethernet.

So is it possible to do a simple re-wiring of the master-socket to keep the downstairs connected and use the phone extension to connect my top-floor computer to the internet using only wires.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

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Re: Put extra modem in upstairs extension socket

Simple answer - NO

Simple solution would be some powerline adapters, 1 downstairs connected to the router & 1 upstairs connecting your computer. The ethernet connection runs over the mains circuit - something that'll work for most people.

An alternative if you get a decent wifi signal is to do as you've hinted at already.

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Re: Put extra modem in upstairs extension socket


What you want do do isn't possible, two modems on the one broadband line.

Broadband extenders are quite good using your existing pwer sockets and electrical cabling as the transmission medium, connecting to your PC at each end by an ethernet cable.



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Re: Put extra modem in upstairs extension socket

Thank you for your reply.

That's a shame.

Do you happen to know (ball park) how much it might cost to put an ethernet cable through the same route as the phone line extension? Bit of a random question but you never know!
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Re: Put extra modem in upstairs extension socket

Just do it yourself for the price of the cable.

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