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Query with regards to installation of Infinity following home move.

Following my home move my infinity installation differed from my previous address and I was generally disappointed with the engineer. The RJ11 (think thats the name of the cable) that runs from my openreach modem to the master socket is connected to the side of the master socket faceplate rather than the simply putting the cable into the front. This differed to my previous address where I simply plugged the RJ11 cable into the master socket.


Now the other end of the RJ11 runs into my bedroom upstairs as this is where I wanted my homehub to be. However I have a few gripes with what the engiineer did. Firstly he left me around 5 metres short and secondly didn't even bother to drill through any walls. So the cable is between the crack of the door which of course means I couldn't shut my bedroom door. Just to explain, the RJ11 cable from my master socket runs into a white small box which allows another RJ11 to be connected on the other end.


The other day I lost connection and knew the cause was this extended RJ11 cable as my connection was fine if I plugged the RJ11, Modem, Hub directly into the RJ11 port on the front of my master socket. The cause was the tiny blue cable had snapped off the small white box that extends into my bedroom. Thankfully it was easy to fix myself. However when I did so my speed went from 45mbps to 67mbps! This to me suggests the cable was incorrectly connected.


My last question is why if I connect the RJ11, Modem, Hub directly into the front of my master socket is the speed around 20-30mbps slower than if I use the RJ11 that is connected to the side of the master socket?


Sorry I have one more question. Im still using the Home Hub 4 and was expecting BT to send me a Home Hub 5. I thought following a home move my contract was renewed which mean't I automatically qualified for a new home hub?


If anyone is confused by my installation I can upload some pics.





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Re: Query with regards to installation of Infinity following home move.



It does sound like a bit of a strange set up. I can take a look at this for you. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.


With regards to the Hub 4 a home move order would renew your current package for the further 12 months and would not include the Hub 5.





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