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Question RE: PS4 Wired Connection



Im a new member f the Infinity family.....almost 24hrs, getting a steady 75mb down and 19mb up, Pings between 15 - 18ms.


very happy with the speed so far.


my question is, with my ps4 connected via Cat5e the speed of the connection according to the ps4 itself is (and this does fluctuate a little) around 50mb down and around 8mb dont get me wrong, im happy with this bandwidth and am not griping about the speed but im just curious if the drop in advertised speed when compared to a speed test on my pc is something that can be remedied by altering any sort of setting in the HH5 or the PS4?


if so, maybe someone could post up a guide on what and how they've set up


as i mentioned, this is more of a curiosity question rather than a moan as i am still pretty happy with what im gettin currently



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