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Question about area

Looking at buying my first home but I was devastated to find the area cannot get Boradband by either of the top two players (BT&VM)


Looking at the website it says that BT Infinity is coming by the end of 2013. The area is Titchfield, Hampshire.


Is there a way to get a more accurate date? will it even come? what will the speeds be like once it's there? (I'd be happy with 20mbps)


I was nosing around on the Fareham council website and saw that BT Openreach had planning permission for a new cabinet refused, but the website is down and cannot confirm what thats for.


I'm also confused at the new Infinity cabinets, does a new cabinet need to be installed which then feeds to all the other cabinets? Or do ALL cabinets need to be upgraded?


I've looked at the When & Where website, but it doesn't help at all, it just confuses things even more, as it's band in the middle of around 2 exchanges and still in the middle for a future exchange.


The postcode is PO15 5TG


The current internet speeds are below, but seems a waste of money for what I'm getting tbh

Available ProductsDownstream Line Rate(Mbps)Upstream Line Rate(Mbps)Downstream Range(Mbps)Availability Date

Featured Products

WBC ADSL 2+Up to 5.5--3 to 8Available
WBC ADSL 2+ Annex MUp to 5.5Up to 13 to 8Available
ADSL MaxUp to 4--3 to 7Available
WBC Fixed Rate2 ----Available
Fixed Rate2 ----


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Re: Question about area

Planned by the end of 2013 doesn't mean it will be done by then as all sorts of problems can be encountered on the way. Planning permission being just one.


Each present cabibet (PCP) needs it's own Infinity cabinet.



The end of the year is too far away for a more accurate date.


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Re: Question about area

Thanks for the quick reply, but is there anyway of finding out the coverage of what the new cabinet would even provide, if it happens at all.


The road is Bellflower Way, Titchfield, PO15 5TG


It's sad but the internet is most of my life so a downer if it can never recieve modern broadband

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Re: Question about area


Your exchange TITCHFIELD is estimated to be FTTC fibre enabled at the end of 2013 though this date is an estimation and may get pushed back if a problem occurs.

To get FTTC broadband such as BT Infinity your pcp (telephone street cabinet) will need to be upgraded with a FTTC cabinet.

Not all PCPs will get upgraded with a FTTC cabinet meaning not everyone in a FTTC enabled exchange area can get Fibre broadband.

BT Retail (this communication provider/ISP) doesn't have much say it input into when and if you will be able to get FTTC broadband.

The Superfast broadband rollout plan is managed and done by Openreach for all Communication Providers/ISPs.
Openreach are the only ones who know the whole rollout plan as it is considered commercially sensitive.

You can register your interest for Superfast fibre broadband by going to the Openreach Fibre broadband interest register:

The best way to check is to keep checking the BT Wholesale database here: and the BT Infinity website here:

Hope that helps,

jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: Question about area

Oh I see now I think, such a shame, looks like 4G may be the only way forward in the future.



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Re: Question about area

The exchange may be enabled by the end of 2013 but when any cabinet is upgraded will be even longer.


My own exchange has been enabled for over 2 years and the cabinet is to be FTTC enabled this March  ( this date has constantly slipped from at least June 2012).


There will be very little info available regarding any cabinet and people can only register interest and regularly  check the BT web site


This won't be what you want to hear but this is the reality of FTTC

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Re: Question about area

You can currently get an up to 5.5mb broadband service from BT while you wait for infinity to be activated in your area
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Re: Question about area

we have the same problem, look's like BT are going to loose out, 4G will be rolled out way quicker and offers a much faster service both Upstream and Downstream, .... when will BT learn.

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Re: Question about area

It took BT about 4 yrs to roll out adsl/BB over ISDN in our area, that was back in the day when we did not have wireless infrastructure in place. As it happens we have Broadband in our area, A be it supper slow, the average Downlink is around 3.5 Mbps and Uplink around 0.5 - 0.6 Mbps, we get daily resets, dropped connections,  ever tried running  a security  16 channel DVR with such a rubbish uplink speed and stability, do BT care NO, can you contact BT easy NO, do BT listen NO. who's going to loose out I wonder in the long term.



Luck would have it, we have 3G in our area which is pretty slick, I wont mention the provider but its built for it as they say. the average downlink speed is 4.8 - 5.4 mbps nothing great in that department, however the uplink is 2.3 - 2.6 mbps, running a 16 channel DVR works great, full D1 , on the Broadband link it will not operate without reducing  frame rate and resolution,PTZ control has major lag,,, how rubbish is that. 


To date we have run the 3G link for 18 months with only a few3 drop offs, its on 24/7, we use about 30- 40 GB per month, with 4G coming on line speed will improve big time, 3G prices are dropping like a stone some very good deals, like all you can eat data for less than line rental.



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Re: Question about area

@jonathannc wrote:
we have the same problem, look's like BT are going to loose out, 4G will be rolled out way quicker and offers a much faster service both Upstream and Downstream, .... when will BT learn.

4G bandwidth is very expensive. Just look at EE's prices.

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