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Question about new line installation (dropwire content)

Having a new line installed. I need it for the broadband (Infinity), and as they're is no BT sockets/line to the house, BT are chucking in line installation for free.


What there is, is a dropwire coming from the pole in the street to the hook thingy on the house, but it's been cut off at this point. Guess the previous occupants didn't want wires all over the house when they moved to Virgin Media.


Do I assume BT Openreach will just install a new cable from the pole and then run into the house, or will they attempt to use some method of coupling to the existing bit?


Just wondering, as the house is 50/60 years old, whether it's best to have all new cable if the option presents itself.


p.s Wasn't sure if this should be in phones or broadband. So apologies if in wrong section.

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Re: Question about new line installation (dropwire content)

My understanding of a line install now days is that they will replace this dropwire and run a new leadin to wherever you want the main socket installing
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