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Question regarding IP profile

(btw anyone who's read any of my posts before, turns out the problems I've been having for years were on the phoneline outside my house, but all this time broadband engineers have ignored it because 'only the telephone engineers deal with the actual cables'....)



My question is regarding IP profiles today


 Download speedachieved during the test was - 425 Kbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 50-500 Kbps.
 Additional Information:
 Your DSL Connection Rate :1120 Kbps(DOWN-STREAM), 448 Kbps(UP-STREAM)
 IP Profile for your line is - 500 Kbps


My router has been synced for a few days now at around 1000kbs, but my ip profile is stuck aroudn 500kbs


How do teh DSL sync and IP profile correlate to eachother - or do they at all?


I've always assumed that the DSL rate is what speed my connection is aiming for, and will either be caught up by the IP profile when the exchange has finished its calculations or will be decreased by the phone exchange until the IP profile and DSL rate are the same?


Cheers for the info.

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Re: Question regarding IP profile

Basically the IP profile is set according to your sync speed and there are certain values for different parametres, this table shows the figures 


Sync speed (incr 32kb stages)IP profilebRAS ATM bit rate profileMaximum Throughput speed
(AAL5 Payload)
160 kbps256 kbps135138Up to 135 kbps
288 kbps384 kbps250256Up to 0.25 Mbps
416 kbps544 kbps350370Up to 0.35 Mbps
576 kbps832 kbps500512Up to 0.5 Mbps
864 kbps1120 kbps750768Up to 0.75 Mbps
1152 kbps1408 kbps10001024Up to 1 Mbps
1440 kbps1696 kbps12501280Up to1.25 Mbps
1728 kbps1984 kbps15001536Up to 1.5 Mbps
2016 kbps2240 kbps17501792Up to 1.75 Mbps
2272 kbps2816 kbps20002048Up to 2 Mbps
2848 kbps3392 kbps25002560Up to 2.5 Mbps
3424 kbps3968 kbps30003072Up to 3 Mbps
4000 kbps4512 kbps35003584Up to 3.5 Mbps
4544 kbps5088 kbps40004096Up to 4 Mbps
5120 kbps5664 kbps45004608Up to 4.5 Mbps
5696 kbps6208 kbps50005120Up to 5 Mbps
6240 kbps6784 kbps55005632Up to 5.5 Mbps
6816 kbps7360 kbps60006144Up to 6 Mbps
7392 kbps7936 kbps65006656Up to 6.5 Mbps
7968 kbps8096 kbps70007168Up to 7 Mbps
8128 kbps9087 kbps71507320Up to 7.15 Mbps
WBC ADSL 2+ Profiles
9088 kbps10207 kbps80008192Up to 8 Mbps
10208 kbps11359 kbps90009216Up to 9 Mbps
11360 kbps12479 kbps1000010240Up to 10 Mbps
12480 kbps13631 kbps1100011264Up to 11 Mbps
13632 kbps14751 kbps1200012288Up to 12 Mbps
14752 kbps15903 kbps1300013312Up to 13 Mbps
15904 kbps17023 kbps1400014336Up to 14 Mbps
17024 kbps18175 kbps1500015360Up to 15 Mbps
18176 kbps19295 kbps1600016384Up to 16 Mbps
19296 kbps20415 kbps1700017408Up to 17 Mbps
20416 kbps21567 kbps1800018432Up to 18 Mbps
21568 kbps22687 kbps1900019456Up to 19 Mbps
22688 kbps23839 kbps2000020480Up to 20 Mbps
23840 kbps-2100021504Up to 21 Mbps

So your profile should be 750kbps.  Your profile will take up to 5 and usually by 3 days to catch up with your sync speed say if it falls out of the range, so if your connection went up to 1152 then it will take around 3 days to increase.  The bigger jump the profile has to make the quicker it will update whereas the smaller the increase the longer it will take.  And not symetrically the profile will take 'up to' 75 minutes to reduce, but ususally much quicker.


On ADSL2+ lines, they use this technology but a new profiling system is being rolled out across the network and your profile is always 88.2% of your sync speed and updates immediatley both increase and decreasing figures.

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