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Quick question regarding switch from quarterly payment to monthly DD

I have just paid my phone bill with the advance payment for line rental and broadband also which takes me to the end of May before my next bill will be due including the payment processing fee, now if I was to switch to monthly DD how would this work since i've payed in advance? will I pay a reduced amount monthly for the year or will payments not start for a few months?


Sorry if this is a silly question but thought I would ask as i'm sure other BT customers would have done this! before I change because if this is going to cause hassle with incorrect billing i'll just stick to quarterly billing.



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Re: Quick question regarding switch from quarterly payment to monthly DD

I've been on monthly DD for as long as I can remember, but if I was going to set up an arrangement now I would wait until I got my next bill. Although the Monthly Payment Plan generally goes well once it's up and running, BT have been known to mess up (the polite phrase), especially if you alter your service. If you are happy to carry on paying in advance while saving the processing fee and the bother, you can elect to pay the whole bill by DD instead. If I was starting again, I think I would do that. See here:

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