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Quidco Cashback Declined For Bt Broadband Contract

Hi, hoping someone can help me resolve an issue with a Quidco cashback for BT Broadband which has been just rejected by BT, 9 months after my 2 year contract started. The reason appears to be down to the fact that BT added a new line charge to my original order & when I contacted them to correct this, they cancelled the order & created another order. The error was totally at the BT end and yet they seem to be using their error to deny my cashback claim. Yet I signed up via Quidco, I am 9 months into the contract & I received the £80 rewards card which was part of the promotion but NO CASHBACK. To say I am unhappy with this outcome would be a massive understatement. I have tried to resolve via Quidco but other than some frankly pathetic goodwill gesture offered, they are washing their hands of the claim. I would be extremely grateful if anyone can offer any advice/help that would enable me to obtain my legitimate cashback. Thanks.

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Re: Quidco Cashback Declined For Bt Broadband Contract

Hi @JbScot20  welcome to the forum and sorry you have not been able to get your cashback issue resolved.

I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to get in touch with the Mod team and we'll be happy to help you with this.



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