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Quidco Cashback not honoured!

After making a decision to move away from BT for several years ago, I decided to take the plunge and return, signing up for Ultrafast. Ordered on 20 Nov, finally installed on 9th Feb. Delays down to staff shortages and issues with the main network, but could not fault BT, they kept me updated throughout and apologised for the delays. 

However very disappointed to learn that despite everything being done correctly my end, my Quidco Cashback was declined. The cashback was instrumental in helping me decide to move to BT.  The cashback tracked fine initially but then was declined - no actual reason given other than the general reason that cashback may be declined if you cancelled, amended or returned the order. 

"Your purchase on 20 Nov 2020, for £4.00 and for £143.00 cashback at BT Broadband has been tracked."

I think it was due to the fact BT cancelled the original order and raised a new order as they had to shift the install date a couple times to allow the engineers to fix the issues in the network.

I raised a ticked with Quidco and they came back within an hour claiming declining the cashback. Not convinced they looked into it properly.

Very disappointed as I did everything right my end.  

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Re: Quidco Cashback not honoured!

If the order was cancelled & replaced it would be declined. They should be able to raise it off though if the original order was cancelled but it will likely need a mods intervention to get it started

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Re: Quidco Cashback not honoured!

Thanks for the response. Do I need to contact the "mods"

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Re: Quidco Cashback not honoured!

Hi @ABP 

Welcome to the community and thanks for your post!

I'm sorry that your Quidco cashback has been declined.  What has likely happened is the original order may have been cancelled and a new order placed to provide the service.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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Re: Quidco Cashback not honoured!

Thank you @RobbieMac I will reply to your PM

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