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Quidco Cashback not tracked

Hi there,

I am a long time Quidco user, and recently purchased BT broadband and line through their website because of an advertised cashback which made it the best deal on the market-not so without the cashback. Normally the cashback or purchase appears under 'tracked' after a few days. However, 2 weeks have passed and still the purchase has not even tracked on their website.

The reason I purchased BT Fiber was because of the cashback.  Without it, there are other better deals which don't require waiting for the cashback.

Can someone please help me get through Quidco and get my cashback as advertised? I am not going to raise a claim with Quidco, as the process is painfully slow, and it has been absolutely useless in the past. I have come across previous threads where this issue has been solved by BT customer services, and it would be great if I could get some help. 


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Re: Quidco Cashback not tracked

Hi @filidib,

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. I'm sorry if your order hasn't tracked correctly through Quidco.

You would need to raise a case with Quidco for them to investigate why the order hasn't tracked.

You can find out more here - My cashback hasn't tracked automatically




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Re: Quidco Cashback not tracked

Hi PaddyB,

thanks for your reply. I haven't raised the case with Quidco because, having done it before, I know that it usually leads to no resolution and takes ages to receive a reply. I've read elsewhere on this forum that this kind of issue has been solved by members of the BT promotions here on the forums, without needing to raise a Quidco case.

Can you possibly redirect me through someone who can support my case directly?

Thank you.
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Re: Quidco Cashback not tracked

Hi @filidib,

Thank you for posting back. We can help in cases where the order hasn't tracker because the order had failed or had to be reissued. If you've only recently ordered through Quidco and it hasn't tracked then you would need to raise a case through Quidco for them to investigate.



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