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Quidco tracking issues

Hi I placed an order for Broadband and phone in september through Quidco but it failed to track, I have raised a manual claim through Quidco however they are insistent on having the following info:

The reference we need will either startwith AJM or BTC, the AJM number is located on the first order confirmation email you will have received and the BTC number is located on the second email confirmation that relates to your installation.

I didn't get anything like that, only order number I had began with VOL... Tried live chat with BT but no help... Any suggestions? 

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Re: Quidco tracking issues

I've had a look back at my recent  BT orders and can confirm that the associated order numbers do seem to change from the original (online) reference. Back in April I added Call Protect to my landline account which generated a VOL number; half an hour later I had a "We're all done..." confirmation email showing that the order number had morphed into BTCZZZZZZZZ followed by further numbers unrelated to the original reference. In March something similar happened with BTTV which changed from VOL to AGT when the set top box was shipped. The later and separate email with the engineer appointment contained no reference number whatsoever.

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Re: Quidco tracking issues


You should be able to find it via MyBT.


Look for the sales reference on this page, top right.

Otherwise try billing live chat team

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