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Quido Declined on active order

Hi all,

Hopefully this is the correct place, but I placed an order back on the 18th Feb to have the broadband 100 & phone put in and activated on the 28th. Went through Quidco and tracked ok. The BT activation failed so spoke to BT who looked into the case. I am still without the service today (10th March) and an engineer is due to come round 18th March. Pretty annoying but so be it. In the meantime I've been told by quidco that the cashback has been declined because I cancelled my order. It hasn't been cancelled and I can still see the order and various updates in My BT but they won't seem to budge on it. I dont really know what to do now as I'm stuck with no broadband for nearly 3 weeks and now not even getting cash back! Little help anyone? 🙂


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Re: Quido Declined on active order

In my experience, Quidco can be very hit and miss when it comes to cashback tracking or claims being processed properly if not. They seem to have a list of stock excuses for this not working properly - all which are either the retailer's or your fault; in this case they will blame the glitches in the order/activation process. I have seldom found Quidco Support (email or online chat) much use because of this tendency to trot out generic excuses and to deflect responsibility. However, you might gain some traction via the MSE forum. One of the subscribers there is Quidco's Official Company Rep (currently Joseph) and if you scroll through you'll find his direct email address posted in a number of messages.  He also has a habit of trading general defensive lines but at least you are dealing directly with a named individual.  Aside from emailing you could also post on that forum  where, because any post you make is "public," there is some obligation on them to provide a reply.

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Re: Quido Declined on active order


You will not be able to chase this up until 14 days after your service has been active.

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Re: Quido Declined on active order

Ok thanks @Keith_Beddoe  fingers crossed hey.

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