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Quite possibly laughable if it were not so typical for BT...

Don't even bother contacting customer services. If/when you get through, chances are that the Indian call-centre staff will simply terminate the call (as has happened twice). But even better... I noticed an operator-call to an 0121 number that I never made. BT insists I did instruct the operator reverse-charge call. After hours of wasted time, I called the number - a BT supervisor in the UK! I recall being put through when I insisted I wanted to speak to someone at manager level about another complaint (and about the behaviour of the Indian call staff).

I am told by my 'case handler' that I should never have received a rebate, and that I still have to prove that I did not make the call (by contacting operator services to obtain a non-existent recording of a non-existent call). Kafka-esque if it were not so unbelievable. The message is clear: don't call customer services and ask to speak to someone in authority, as you will be billed for a reverse-charge operator-placed call ... £9.24.

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