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REPLACING HH5 or beefed up Router to work with it

Firstly writing this from my home in Cyprus, where I will openly state my Broadband is far better than my house in Perthshire.

I currently get 1mb upload and up tp 2mb downloadi n PH29NE. It is disgusting and shame on you BT. Infinity is not scheduled in my area and I cannot even get a quarter of the ADSL poterntial, they say its due to low demand and old infrastructure bla bla bla... Just typical bad service and I am now looking at alternative providers.

This request for help however is not about my terrible BT BB speed which with BT i can do nothing about just now, it is about my equally terribler WIFI coverage and speed in my house.

I have a very large house and my BT homehub 5 is just not up to the task, even with a few wifi extenders in place, still absolutly terrible wifi signal in most parts of the house, I have rung BT numerous times who did various tweaks to my HH5 but still absolutely rubbiish. It drops out in most areas of my house and even when signal isgood, it can take ages to do basic things.

I dont have a great deal of demand on my wifi, and its still so shocking... I got better 10 years ago.  Along with my shocking speed from BT ,this HH5 is just not up to pushing a wifi signal out through my large house, even with extenders.

I want to replace my HH5 with a beefy router , can anyone please give me some advise on what would be the best router and also should I get a plain router and bridge that into my HH5 as a modem and just use the new router to give me mywifi or should I just ditch the HH5 and get a new dual router/ADSL modem.....Ihave heard an Archer C7-C8-C9 is a good option.

Please, I do not need tips on channels or tweaking my HH5, after numerous calls to BT who did exhaustive checks and tweaks on it remotely, they say it is working as good as it can is time for some more hardware firepower  either working with my HH5 or completely replacing it. 

Many thanks for your advise.



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Re: REPLACING HH5 or beefed up Router to work with it

Firstly have you given your 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks different names as this is a common cause of problems.  Secondly don't use wifi extenders as they cut your wireless bandidth in half.  I would recommend getting a couple of wireless routers and connect them to your HH5 with either powerline adapters or CAT5e cable if possible.  I have three HH5 routers - one in each corner of the house wih each one on a different frequency and different wifi name so you know which one your device is connected to.  With this solution I get excellent coverage throughout my house.

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Re: REPLACING HH5 or beefed up Router to work with it

I replaced my HH5 with the TP-Link W9980 VDSL modem/router as I needed a single box solution.


It's so much better than the HH5, WiFi is better, stronger and doesn't seem to drop out and the modem doesn't reboot continuously. Cost was about £65 from Amazon UK.


I would happily recommend TP-Link, the Archer series of routers do have better spec WiFi but no modem, obviously.

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