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REW & FFWD on NowTV App pretty useless. Any better on Smart TV or NOwTV stick?

REW and FFWD on BT box works quite well.

2 options

1. jump X seconds

2. view content as REW & FFWD progresses


on Now TV app only one way to REW or FFWD but very little control of where it goes. No ability to view content then release button. Any attempt to rewind 15 to 30 seconds useless.


Is this the same if I subscribe directly with NowTV and use my Smart TV or NowTV stick


will I get subtitles on smart TVs or NowTV  with a direct subscription with NowTV


why is this important?


NowTV and BT cannot get their act together on subtitles, so often I need to REW to hear something I missed.


I can get NowTV subtitles in recordings, but sometimes NowTV programs do not fully record and they never save the series and episode number. BT and NowTV cannot get their act together to save Series and Episode numbers.


BT have offered me the opportunity to cancel contract. I am seriously considering this and either just using free Youview channels on my old box or maybe Youview + NowTV via my smart TV if REW AND FFWD work correctly

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Re: REW & FFWD on NowTV App pretty useless. Any better on Smart TV or NOwTV stick?

Hi @Colink2  if you have a Now membership billed by BT (including those inclusive with BT Tv packs) you have the same usage of the Now Tv apps on other devices as would be the case if you bought directly from Now. So if you have other devices I suggest that as you try the Now app on those devices with your current  (Bt billed subscription).  

So for example you could  watch and record  using the linear  BT  TV box EPG channels   and use Now Tv app on a device where Now provide subtitles for their on demand content.

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Re: REW & FFWD on NowTV App pretty useless. Any better on Smart TV or NOwTV stick?

Thanks for the suggestion.

I tend to use my other devices while watching TV, so will not be using them to watch NowTV.

absolute shambles that two massive communications companies cannot get their act together to provide basic services which Youview, Freebiew, Sky and Virgin provide on their boxes.


BT have sent me an ultimatum. Get £50 and cancel in 14 days or give up on my complaint, as they have no timescale for a fix on subtitles or series and episode numbers in recordings.

I think I will take them up on their offer, go back to TalkTalk and use my old box to record free YouView channels.

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