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Radio recordings on YV

No sound on replaying a recorded radio prog on my YV box. BT sat that BBC have discontinued this sevice, is this correct??

    Thank you

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Re: Radio recordings on YV

No .

Radio recording is allowed on Youview.

A current problem with sound on playback of radio  recordings (both old and new) has been acknowledged by YouView and they expect to address in a future software drop. BT and YouView support should be aware of the issue.

Two potential work rounds seem to exist one is whilst starting playback of the recording is to press the YouView remote power button  off and then back on again. the second is again whilst playing the recording s to remove and then reinsert the hdmi connection between the Youview brand the TV.

So the good news is your recordings are there and  new can be made but listening to them can be a chore currently.



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Re: Radio recordings on YV

Thanks for thwe "Work round" tips.  The switch off and on again seems to work OK. 

I've reported this twice to BT and gone through all the re-sets etc.

Both times they told me it was a fault which they are trying to rectify but it seems to be taking an awful long time!!! 

Thnaks again.

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