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Random lack of connection/"clogging/congestion" when running some programs/at random times

Okay so i gather this is a rather vague area but here goes.


Sometimes when using ym internet I can run a program that would require a decent connection and my internet will just kinda drop to a minimal connection allowance or only a couple o things can be used.

For example, if I am using Teamspeak 3, Chrome, Skype and Steam and I begin a steam game my connection for the game running/trying to connect to online servers with, my Skype and my Browser begin indicating their is now internet connection, but Teamspeak 3 will remain active and transmitting with no ounce of packet loss or any other distortions.

This was not an issue until about mid-late laste year up until now.


Does anyone know what this problem could be?

I am not getting any error codes and this happens no matter how many devices are or are not connected/using the router at any given time, nor is it limited to any particular time slot.


Just for clarification sake here is a Speedtest done when things are "stable";



And here is a speedtest during when this problem occurs;




As you can see there isn't one because I can not run it during this problem.

Now clearly I have [i]some[/i] connection as my Teamspeak would be running at the same time and still working with no change, so obviously [i]somethign[/i] is happeneing to my speeds whe I run games that need a connection in order to run.

This doesn't just happen with games, nor is it limited to one device, or connection type (wired and wireless). I can happen at any time, to anyone using the connection.

Does anyone have any idea what is affecting me and my connection?


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