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Random ringing

Hi all,

My landline phone is a BT Decor 2500 and has been working fine for many years. Only in last week or so has the phone started ringing randomly at all hours of the day and night, I do a 1471 and the only callers are from family and friends at a different time and date. The ringing isn't ring, ring... ring, ring... it's a single continuous ring which lasts for 5 or so seconds.

I've checked the manual for and Troubleshooting offers no advice, online even less, so can anyone had this issue or anything like it ? If so, how did you solve it ?


Many thanks, 

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Re: Random ringing

Overnight testing can cause a single burst of ringing, the tester accessing the line is interpreted by the phone instrument as a ringing signal ( also explains why it doesn’t have the usual cadence , ring ring, pause, ring ring ), a line fault can also cause phones to intermittently make a noise, dialling 1471 in both of these cases would simply report the last genuine incoming call, not these phantom rings....
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Re: Random ringing

Thanks for the reply, should I get in touch with my landline provider and explain what's going on then ? Thanks again.

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Re: Random ringing

@outRAGEis it could be a line fault but if your telephone service isn't provided by BT Retail, you'll need to contact your service provider

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Re: Random ringing

Thanks, I'll do this first thing tomorrow morning. Cheers again.

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