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Random strange behaviors

I have just installed the home hub yesterday. Three times today (and only today), Internet connection suddenly stops. All lights on the hub were still blue. When I try to reconnect, it either says my security key was wrong or disconnected due to unknown error. When I press "Reset"/Restart button on the hub and wait a short while for all lights to turn blue again, I got Internet again. (I use wireless) The very strange thing is that I was still able to get online using my iphone when the computer - hub connection was broken. Of course, the easy assumption here is something is wrong with my computer. But when I reset the hub, the connection gets back to normal without any need of intervention from my computer side. Just wondering if those are normal symptoms of "the first ten days"? Is it ok to restart the hub when it loses connection again?
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Re: Random strange behaviors

disable the power mangement feature on the pc/laptop wifi adpater.

dont reset the hub infuture the problem is with your pc/laptop the device settings are wrong.

also check the lease time for the ip address in the hub is set to a long time like 1 day or 20 days.
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