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Ranking Structure

Hi Everyone


Some or you have noticed our rank structure and asked if I could share more information about the ranks.   Here’s a list of the current ranks, from highest to lowest:


Distinguished Expert


Aspiring Expert

Distinguished Contributor


Aspiring Contributor

Distinguished Member


Aspiring Member






I can’t share the exact formulas that drive each rank – that would spoil the fun!  ...but I can tell you each rank is achieved by a combination of different behaviours, such as time registered on the forum, number of posts, ratings given and received from others, etc.   Overall, the rank structure is intended to reward loyal and productive members of the community and specifically to recognise those who help others get the most out of the products and services they receive from BT.

Here are two other tips:


How can I move up rank quickly?


There are no specific rules to follow,  and depending on the activity you participate in you may find that you move through the ranks differently to someone else.  My best advice is to visit often, contribute regularly and make use of the ratings system to thank others when you think they have provided a helpful answer.


Are you only having 13 ranks?


No, these are the initial ranks, and I do have some others up my sleeve!   I have a feeling the names of some of them may change with the help of some of your suggestions Smiley Happy.  This will be some time away I expect, but I will ask for your input when the time comes.


You’ll also note that we’ve turned our rating system off for the Forum Help & Suggestions forum.  While we value your participation in this forum – please keep the suggestions coming – we agree with the feedback we’ve heard that ranks should primarily be based on help related to products and services.  





Retired BTCare Community Manager - StephanieG and SeanD are your new Community Managers

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