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Re: Assured I'd get 1Mb/s but receive 0.2 - anything I can do?

Last September I rang BT with an email problem. They said  my contract had run out and I was transferred from broadband to fibre at additional cost. My speed prior to this was 4 meg, tested on the day that they switched me over and recorded on my desktop for posterity. I protested that a 3/4 kilometre to cabinet followed by 1 kilometre to my house was not suitable for fibre, but they said it would work. After the switch I was getting 1.5 or so for more money, so I asked them to sort it out. 7 visits from 5 engineers since the 28th September 2015 and I have had a working broadband most of the day for about 1 month in that time. The engineers have changed my modem twice, the cable from the inside to outside twice, the drop wire once. The underground guys have installed a new cable and a new cabinet. The exchange has moved me to new equipment twice, and finally changed the whole card system. Now I have broadband for a while. Download speed 1.1 meg. To be fair, they reduced my charges down to £7 last month after I wrote to my MP. However, despite this history of apparent incompetence, and apologies from the engineers, I now see that BT are advertising broadband at £5 a month. I was one of the first people to have a broadband account in my area, and while I expect a lower level of speed on my long line, the performance of BT and BT openworld has been misewrable to say the least. What did BT say when complained? Find another supplier! If there was one I would do so, but as openreach supplies the only network in my area, all I would be doing is complaining to another supplier. Have the MPs got the right idea in making BT sell off Openreach in the hope that competition woulkd fix the problem?

I don't think so, as a split network would end up like the railways. As an ex telephone engineer I am appalled at the way the service has deteriorated over the last few years. Is there a solution out there? Please let me know.

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Re: Assured I'd get 1Mb/s but receive 0.2 - anything I can do?

Can you run this checker and post back a screen shot of the results. Make sure you delete your phone number before posting.
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