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Re: BT Basic application form

Hi there,

I'm not sure if I posted in correct place but I am so frustrated with this whole BT basic account application form business.

I have called the basic team 8 times and sent back 5 forms for my elderly relative but she has received 3 letters back saying that there is a problem with the application form or that she didn't complete it properly (the form is so basic so its almost impossible to get it wrong) I know she is eligible as receives pension credit (guarantee). She is now being sent out another form but that was a number of days ago.

She has now recently been put on some sort of BT plan where she has to pay £50.50 per month and she simply cannot afford this so I told her to cancel her direct debit so I can try to sort it but I am not getting anywhere. I am her account manager so allowed to speak to someone on her behalf as she is deaf.

Is there any solution to this? I don't really know what to do, one guy on the phone told me that this basic account is not widely advertised so I should feel lucky that I know about it... WTF!

I have seen dozens of people experiencing the same issue from as far back as 2018. Its a shambles, just not acceptable customer services.


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Re: BT Basic application form

Hi @Quickhotdog 

Welcome to the Community and thanks for your post!

I'm sorry for the difficulty you've had getting your elderly relative set up on BT Basic.  I'm disappointed to read the poor journey and the amount of times you have had to contact us about this.  I agree, it's not acceptable.

Let us help put this right.  I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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Re: BT Basic application form

Hi RobbieMac,

Did you manage to look into this. My auntie received her next application form and sent it back on the same day as she received it. There can be no excuses for not receiving it. So we sit and wait to see what happens. I really don't hold out much hope.

Tell me, what is going on with this whole BTBasic, it seems such a shambles and I see posts on this forum about this very same problem from as far back as 2017. Its pretty dim customer service from BT dont you think.

I think I may have received a call from you today. If i did I would very much like to speak to you so if you can call again tomorrow that would be appreciated.

many thanks


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Re: BT Basic application form

Hi @Quickhotdog,

Thank you for posting. @RobbieMac has gone home for the day back he is back in the office tomorrow and he'll follow up with you then.



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