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Re: BT Broadband Desktop Help problem




I agree totally matey, I'm currently being ripped off to the tune of £27.00 a month for a lousy 0.5mbps connection even though BT's own speed checker say's I should be getting 7.2mbps & I'm little more than 2 miles from the exchange & that I'm afraid is unacceptable & I used to get at least 5.0mbps.  Pretty much none of the help **bleep** works, if I'm on my Xbox online gaming & the phone rings I get kicked out of Xbox live, I've been a customer for years & used to get upgrades but not anymore, still having to use the poxy HomeHub 2 Router we had ages ago...

It takes ages to login anywhere on the net wether it be Ebay, my Bank, any of the various forums I'm a member of, basically I can't do f*#k all & it takes about 30 mins to download even the smallest files.  I'm so **bleep** off right now that I'm looking to move my custom elsewhere coz BT SUCK........

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BT Broadband problem

Your post has nothing to do with the  BT Desktop help thread, would you like assistance with your broadband speed?

If so, then please start a new thread here BB Speed/Connection Issues



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