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Re: BT Converse 2300

Hi all,


I've just bought a BT Converse 2300, as I will be working from home and found this to be the perfect phone to use that had headset capabilities.

I've had to improvise as I do not have a phone line upstairs in the room I will be using as my office.  I have installed a DECT Wireless Phone Line Extender, which works perfectly with my previous phone and also works with the BT phone I have purchased.

However, the phone itself doesn't ring.  I have the volume set to max and have tried to use the different Tone settings available on the handset.  I had also purchased a headset to use for work, and the line is extremely crackley.  This wasn't an issue before and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me as I will be starting my new job soon and really need this to be resolved asap.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: BT Converse 2300

Have you tried the phone downstairs at the master socket, with the DECT extender turned off?


Which phone where you using before? as some newer wired phones suffer interference from DECT transmitters, as they are not as well protected from interference as hands free DECT phoned.


Have you tried moving the phone away from the DECT extender unit, perhaps with a longer cable on the phone?


As for the ringing issue, it may be that the DECT extender is faulty, or is incompatible with the phone you are using.

All modern phones will work with only two wires, but maybe the DECT extender is outputting the ringing current on pin 3 of the socket.


See if there is an option on the extender to change the type of ringing. There may be a switch which changes it from pin 3 ringing, to normal A-B wire ringing.


Othe post that may be of help.




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